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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Save as Part option

The Save As Part feature allows us to save a SolidWorks assembly file as a part file.

There are three options available in the Save As dialog box that we can go unnoticed Sometimes.

1) Exterior Faces
2) Exterior Component
3) All Components

If you select the “All components” option, all the components of assembly will be saved as solid bodies which result in a multi-body part file.

The “Exterior components” option will only save components which show only the outside parts of the assembly into a multi-body part file.All components that are enclosed within the assembly will be ignored in this case.

In the “Exterior faces” option,This will save all exterior faces of the model as surface bodies into the part document.In this option all the faces that share an edge are automatically stitched together into a single surface body.

Only "Drawback" in this feature is that it is not parametrically linked back to the Assembly. If the assembly is updated, the multi-body part file will not update.

Courtesy: Ricky Jordan,Myigetit

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