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All About COSMOS Motion
Thursday, September 27, 2007
What is COSMOS Motion?

COSMOSMotion is a rigid body kinematics and dynamic simulation software that is fully integrated in SolidWorks.

COSMOSMotion simulates the real life working of your mechanism.

It is used by students, designers, engineers and other professionals to produce efficient and optimized designs.

Traditional Design Cycle

Use SolidWorks to build the model.

Manufacture a prototype.

Test the model under various conditions. Instrumentation is needed in most cases.

Based on the results, modify the model in SolidWorks, build a prototype, and test again until you are satisfied with the design.

Send the drawings to manufacturing.

Design Cycle with COSMOSMotion

Use SolidWorks to build the model

Use COSMOSMotion to test the model virtually on a computer

Based on the results, modify the model and simulate until you are satisfied with the design

Build the prototype for further testing

Send the drawings to manufacturing

Benefits of using COSMOSMotion

Reduces the number of prototypes needed for testing

Reduces the design time and therby time to market

Reduces the engineering design cost due to physical testing

Optimize yours design by quickly simulating many concepts and scenarios before making a final decision

What can COSMOSMotion do?

Determine how the mechanism (assemblies) will move

Find Clearance/Interference through entire range of motion

Determine how forces effect the mechanism

Determine reaction forces, spring forces, loads, torques, accelerations, velocities

Create trace path and Cam profile

Size actuators, motors, springs and dampers

Provide loading information for design validation

What is Motion Simulation?

How parts in an assembly will move is determined by:

–Joints connecting the part

–Driving motions applied to joints

–The mass properties of parts

–Applied Forces to the system (Dynamics)


COSMOSMotion allows you to input these parameters and show you how parts in an assembly will move

Key Engineering Problems addressed by COSMOSMotion

Size motors and actuators

Determine power consumption

See how friction will increase power requirements and actuators size

Design Force Transmission

Spring and damper stiffness

Design Hydraulic actuators

Reduce vibrations. Understand imbalance effects on mechanisms

Determine boundary conditions for stress analysis


A Joint is used to constrain the relative motion of a pair of rigid bodies by physically connecting them

Joints are automatically created from SolidWorks mates

COSMOSMotion also allows users to create joints manually

Types of Motion





Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration can be constant or a function of time

Types of Functions: Step, Harmonic, Spline and Expression

Spring and Dampers

Types of Springs in COSMOSMotion

–Translation Spring

–Torsion Spring

–Non linear Spring

Types of Dampers in COSMOSMotion

– Translation Damper

– Torsion Damper

– Non linear Damper

Types of Forces


-Applied Forces

Action only force

Action only moment

-Action/Reaction force

Action/Reaction moment

–Impact force

Analysis Steps

Create the model in SolidWorks and apply materials

Select Fixed parts and Moving parts

Automatically derive joints from SolidWorks assembly mates

Define motion to the joints

Create springs, dampers, forces if needed

Run the motion simulation

View the results

View Results

Play Animations of Motion

Check for Interference

Plot Numerical Data

Display Result Symbols

Create Trace Path and Cam Profile

Export Forces to COSMOSWorks

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posted by Admin @ 10:28 PM  
  • At June 17, 2008 at 9:08 PM, Blogger Juan said…

    Hi, I have a question; can we make that the movements simulated in CosmosMotion detect interferences with other bodies? Something likes the physical dynamics option when we move components. I hope that you can help me. Thank you.

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