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Corner trim in Solidworks 2007 Sheet Metal
Thursday, October 4, 2007
Corner Trim Tool:

The Corner-trim tool cuts or adds material to flattened sheet metal parts on an edge or a face.

The Corner-trim Tool is available only with flattened parts.

This Tool is also used to add or subtract material to a flattened part.

The available reliefs for corner trim are
  • Circular
  • Square
  • Bend Waist.
The corner trim tool is available in Solidworks 2007.

The options in Corner Trim Tool are
collect all corners - Selects all inside corners as shown in the figure.

Centered on bend lines:

It will add corner cuts that are centered relative to the bend lines. This is available only with Relief set to Circular or Square.

Add filleted corners

It will create a fillet of a specified radius on the inside corners of the sheet metal.

Square relief with filleted corners

Break corner options

1. Chamfered break

It adds material in the inner corners of the sheet metal and removes the material in the outer corners as shown in the figure.

2. Filleted break

We can use the filleted and chamfer break options for inners corners by checking the internal corners only checkbox.

Instead of using Chamfer and fillet option we can use this break corner option for sheet metals in Solidworks.

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