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Solidworks 2009 Enhancements-Numeric Sketch Input
Friday, August 29, 2008
Numeric Sketch Input

One of the really cool new Functionality to SolidWorks 2009 is the ability to specify numeric input as we create lines, rectangles, circles and arcs.This new feature will greatly increase our ability to quickly add dimensions to sketches right on the fly as we go.This will allow us to focus more on your design and less time on hitting keystrokes or toolbar buttons to add dimensions after you create a sketch.

To begin with we need to enable this option in Tools>Options>System Options>Sketch, this picture below shows where in the sketch section the option is.The option is called “Enable on screen numeric input on entity creation”.

Once this option is checked we are ready to quickly add dimensions to your sketches at the time of creating sketch itself. The following step by step instructions will show you how to use this tool.

Step 1: Begin by starting a sketch on the Front Plane and select Center Rectangle and begin by centering it around the origin as shown below. Once you have the rectangle started you are ready to enter in your dimensions. Before you do this however be sure to check the box in the PropertyManager that says “Add dimensions” which is in the Options group box. I have entered in 2.5″ for the first length for this example.

Step 2: Once you have entered in the first dimension for the rectangle you can Tab over to the other dimension to input that one also. I have entered in 4.5″ for the second length for this example.

Step 3: Once you have entered in both dimensions hit Enter and your sketch should be fully defined and ready to be made a solid or surface.his is great new functionality that was added for this release.

Sometimes the new features don’t always need to be the BIG & FLASHY things that we often think of but instead little additions like this one is what will continue to keep SolidWorks at the top of the 3D CAD world.

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Solidworks 2009 Enhancements-Dockable/Undockable command manager and Property Manager
Dockable/Undockable Command manager

Because of the user interface changes in SolidWorks 2008 the Command Manager became fixed at the top of the screen.In previous versions of solidworks the Command Manager was able to be moved to any position on the screen like all the other toolbars.This has been fixed in SolidWorks 2009.As we can see in the picture below, when you drag the Command Manager like we would like for positioning any of the toolbars we will notice that three boxes with arrows appear on the screen. These arrows indicate the spots where you can drop the CommandManager in SolidWorks 2009. You can also leave it anywhere in the work window. When you leave the Command Manager anywhere but docked on the top, left or right we will notice a box in the upper right hand corner of CommandManager. This is the Auto Collapse button, when you click it the red arrows will appear inside it and when you click anywhere outside of the Command Manager the box will collapse to free up more work area in your window.

Dockable/Undockable Property Manager

In the previous Version of Solidworks PropertyManager has always been stuck inside the FeatureManager right between the design tree tab and the ConfigurationManager tab. This is the first release that allows us to move the PropertyManager.In this release we can move it anywhere on the screen and it also allows us to autocollapse it in the same way that I explained we could for the CommandManager. We can place it anywhere in the graphics Area but there are certain areas on the screen where it will snap in place. The first position is right along side the FeatureManager tree and the others are in any of the other 4 corners of the screen.

In both of these enhancements wou can move both of them onto a second screen if we are using a dual monitor setup.
If you want to try out these new SolidWorks 2009 features for yourself download SolidWorks 2009 Pre Release 1 which is available in the Downloads and Updates section of the SolidWorks Customer Portal.

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Solidworks 2009 Enhancements - Bill of Materials (BOM) in an Assembly and Part Document
Sunday, August 24, 2008
Parts and Assemblies have seen SEVERAL enhancements in Solidworks 2009.

One of the most notable Enhancement is the ability to create Bills of Materials (BOM) in an Assembly file as well as Multibody Part Document also.It works with Weldment parts also.

All the capabilities that we have in Drawing BOMs are also there in Assembly BOMs.

When We create a drawing We have the choice to use the existing BOM created in Assembly or Part document in the Drawing.

We can have the ability to restructure the assembly components in the BOM Table without affecting the assembly structure.We can dissolve the sub assemblies and weldments with the use of Part/Assembly BOM.

We can export this Part/assembly BOM's to
  • Template (.sldbomtbt)
  • Excel (.xls)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Drawing Interchange format (.dxf)
  • Drawing Format (.dwg)
  • Edrawings(.edrw)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
We have the ability to edit the Part/Assembly BOM in seperate window .BOM Table which we created in part/Assembly will appear in Tables Folder in Feature Manager Tree.The name of configuration to which a BOM applies appears beside the BOM feature.

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Welcome Speed What's new Demos for Solidworks 2009
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Some of new functionalities of Solidworks 2009 compared to Solidworks 2008

1.Online Dimension input on new sketch entities
2.View Manipulation
3.Doctable/Undockable PropertyManager
6.Convert to sheet Metal
7.Magnifier Glass
and so on.......

Watch the most exciting Videos of What's New Demos of solidworks 2009

Register here to attend Solidworks 2009 Launch Seminar in your nearest area.

Don't Miss it......

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