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Whats new 2009 Video Demos from Solidworks
Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Experience SolidWorks 2009

What does innovative design mean to you? Is it the Model T Ford®
or SpaceShipOne? The Bell® Telephone or the iPhone®? Or is it simply
the next product you develop?

Time-to-market. Manufacturability. Right-first-time design.SolidWorks 2009 can get you there. By simplifying, automating, and accelerating some of CAD's most complex processes, SolidWorks 2009 frees engineers to innovate without constraints. Capturing true design intent is just a few mouse clicks away.

The latest SolidWorks release is jam packed with over 250 new features,including improved large assembly and drawing performance, SpeedPak,and Simulation Advisor. Watch this video to see just some of the new functionality included in SolidWorks 2009.

SolidWorks helps you design better products. If that's your end game,

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Solidworks 2009 preview - Convert to Sheet metal feature
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
Convert to Sheet Metal

We can convert the solid or surface body into a sheet metal part using the convert to sheet metal command.The Solid body can also be imported sheet metal body.

After converting solid to sheet metal component we can apply all sheet metal features to it.
It works with forming tools also.

Use the convert to sheet metal command with :

Solid and surface bodies that have
  • No shells or fillet
  • Either a shell or fillet
  • Both a shell and fillets
  • Imported bodies that are already in the form of sheet metal part.
Imported part must have constant thickness.Sheet metal parts created using forming tools may not convert correctly.

An excellent video Demo which depicts how to convert a solid body into sheet metal Watch it here.

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Solidworks Part Document Configuration Ripper
Thursday, September 4, 2008
How to insert each Configuration of part document into separate file using Configuration Ripper ?

Suppose we have a solidworks part with five configurations. we would like to insert each configuration into its own part file, while still preserving its history.Is it possible to rip all the configurations seperately in solidworks?

Yes we can.

There are two ways to rip the configuration of solidworks part document to my knowledge.

1.Copy the file 5 times and delete the configurations that are not used in each one.
2.Other one is by using running macros

First method is timing consuming process. If we are having more configurations then it is tedious to copy the part document and delete the configurations

Second method by running macros to rip all the configurations is very easy to do withiin matter of seconds we can rip all the configs of solidworks pat document.

Download One such Configuration ripper I used mostly in my projects.

How to use this Config Ripper ?

1.Open solidworks.
3.Browse the location of Solidworks part document which configurations need to be ripped.

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Solidworks 2009 Preview - Speed Pak Configuration for Large Assembly Performance
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Speed Pak Configuration for Assemblies:

Speedpak, Solidworks new large assembly performance enhancement, is the one and only shining star of the 2009 version.

Speedpak creates a simplified representation of an assembly without losing references. If you work with very large and complex assemblies, using SpeedPak can significantly improve performance while working with assembly and its drawing.

With this,we can create a simplified configuration in an assembly that only fully loads the faces or bodies that you want it to. The concept is that you allow only mating features to be loaded into memory, allowing for much faster top-level assembly performance.

When we would like to insert complex large assembly into a higher level assembly we have to use speek Pak to improve the performance of large assembly.

Speed pak is a subset of parts and faces of an assembly which we create in the configuration manager.Because of only a subset of parts and faces is used,memory usage is greatly reduced,which can increase performance of many operations.

For more info about Speed Pak configuration click on the image above to watch a sample movie which demonstrate how to create speed pak for large assemblies.

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