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Solidworks Innovation Day 2008
Friday, October 17, 2008
SolidWorks Innovation Day 2008

Solidworks is glad to invite you all to attend Solidworks Innovation Day 2008.

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4.Learn why more designers and engineers use SolidWorks than any other 3D CAD software.

And more...

Date:6th November 2008.

Venue:Accord Metropolitan,Chennai

Time:8:30 AM-6:00 PM

For all the other outstation CAD users check the appropriate dates and register for Solidworks Innovation Day 2008.

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For enquiries please contact us at +91 044 4214 6631 or email :


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Solidworks 2009 Enhancements- How to convert imported solid into sheetmetal?
Friday, October 3, 2008
Convert imported part with uniform thickness into sheet metal

SolidWorks gave us some excellent tools to flat
ten imported sheet metal part files. The tool called “Insert Bends” automates this process. After identifying the fixed face, SolidWorks adds sheet metal information such as Bend Allowance, Auto Relief, as well as Rip Parameters. This works great as long as you have a part with uniform wall thickness. If you find yourself with a part who’s thickness varies (as is the case often in bends), then here is a trick to try out.

- Right click on a face as shown below and pick “Select Tangency.” This should highlight all of the faces on one side of your part. Now use the surfacing to
ol “Offset Surface,” setting the offset value to zero. This creates a surface that is wrapped on the top or bottom of your part.

- Locate the Folder titled “Solid Bodies” near the top of your Feature Manager. Expand this folder, select the body that is listed and choose “Delete” (from right click or keyboard). Now you are left with only the surface body that you have created.

- Select the surface body and use the “Thicken” (Ins
ert/Boss Base/Thicken) feature to create a solid by thickening the selected surface in the direction and value that you select. This process ensures that you now have a uniform wall thickness.

- Now you are ready to flatten the part as usual with the “Insert Bends".

But in Solidworks 2009 We can directly use ''convert to sheet metal'' tool to convert the imported solid with uniform thickness into sheet metal.It is an hazzle free process compared to insert bends in solidworks 2008.If any forming tool is used in that imported part it will not be converted into sheet metal properly.

For more info Watch the video here.

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