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Create Mold for solidworks Models - IMold Add-in for solidworks
Friday, November 21, 2008
IMOLD for SolidWorks leverages breakthrough technology and the SolidWorks environment to provide designers with the most powerful mold design product available today.

With IMOLD, mold designers can easily produce preliminary and production design with staggering speed, and preview functionality assures you get it right the first time.

With tools for features like automatic parting line generation, core/cavity surface splitting, and side core analysis, IMOLD offers a level of functionality not realized by other mold design systems.

Another common practice for mold designers is to create custom-design sliders, lifters as well as other special components to the mold design. Often these parts are reusable, perhaps with difference sizes.

IMOLD is UNIQUE in the way it allows users to create these components into the design and add them to the IMOLD database, propagating these databases with different sizes. These self-created custom components are then like any IMOLD standard library components and can be used again.

This capability is important especially to mold designers and mold makers as it allows them to retain their competitive advantage, as well as introduce the concept of semi-designed & semi-manufactured components to the mold job to cut manufacturing time and cost.

Advantages of Imold Add-in for Solidworks:

1.The only COMPLETE mold design solution for SolidWorks users
2.Ideal tool for 2D designers UPGRADING to 3D mold design
4.Proven TECHNOLOGY,with more than 100 customers in the world
6.Unmatched SUPPORT
7.Also available in non-English language versions.

IMOLD Drawings

IMOLD Drawings creates the Core/Cavity views of the mold design in just a few clicks. The parts belonging to the cavity side and the core side are automatically identified and placed in the correct view.

The Sectioning utility makes creating section views a snap. Instead of drawing a section line, pick the points through which the section line has to pass through and the section view is created.

In the latest version of IMOLD, IMOLD Drawings also provide automatic creation of all the part drawings of the components in the design for you and the mold designer's version of hole table.

Features/Functions include:

  • Create mold layout drawings automatically for injection, ejection or entire mold
  • Create individual part drawings for all parts in the mold
    • Title block information automatically added in
    • Hole charts
    • Customizable hole table
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Solidworks 2009 Bible From Matt Lambard
Monday, November 10, 2008
Solidworks 2009 Bible

by Matt Lombard


SolidWorks Bible is a comprehensive reference-tutorial that covers the basics, but then quickly ramps up to more advanced level topics. Every feature is thoroughly covered yet written in a way that makes learning this robust program seem non-threatening and uncomplicated. In a market full of books for beginners this is the one book that goes into extensive detail, not just on how the software works, but in many cases why it works the way it does. The author is well known in the SolidWorks community and uses SolidWorks on a daily basis as his main design tool in his contracting and consulting work. Many topics covered in SolidWorks Bible are not found in any other publication or even documentation directly from SolidWorks. A valuable CD contains example parts and assemblies, before and after files for tutorials as well as the entire book in searchable PDF format.

Product Details

ISBN: 9780470258255

Author: Lombard, Matt

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Subject: CAD-CAM - General

Edition Description: Wiley

Series: Bible

Publication Date: December 2008

Binding: Paperback



Hurry Up to get your copy now.

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