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Elecworks Addin for solidworks
Thursday, January 29, 2009
Elecworks for Solidworks:
The Elecworks 3D Cabinet module for SolidWorks is a unique application which allows the design of Cabinet within SolidWorks using data in real-time from the scheme project, and will enable most convenient placement and clash detection.

Trace Software, for 20 years an innovator in CAD software development for the electrical engineering and the automation market, the maker of TraceParts, announces elecworks designed to cover the electrical and automation needs of the SolidWorks engineering offices. elecworks increases collaboration between electrical and mechanical teams and allows them to create automation and electrical installation projects better designed with faster documentation generation.

Trace Software will demonstrate elecworks at the SolidWorks World 2009 Conference. Attendees will discover a new generation software tool which allows users to work on all areas of a digital installation in real time, based on a single database with multiple views: cable synoptic, schematics, equipment management, input/output tables, etc., including a full SolidWorks 3D Cabinet module.

"elecworks is the result of an unprecedented technological development. Through the SolidWorks Solution Partner program, we developed elecworks to provide SolidWorks designers with the tools to use and share electrical and automation information on the 3D mock-up. elecworks has been designed to run in many languages, our goal is to make it the electrical CAD worldwide de-facto standard. elecworks is definitely the right choice for the companies using SolidWorks as their design tool," said Etienne Mullie, CEO of Trace Software.

elecworks and its 3D Cabinet module for SolidWorks will be sold worldwide through the SolidWorks dealer network.

elecworksTM is a powerful new generation software tool, that enables electrical designers and automation experts to create automation and electrical installation projects. Through Windows standard interfaces, engineers can produce better installation designs and supporting documentation faster.

elecworksTM allows project data to be entered right from the preliminary research stages. A huge part of the project planning can be achieved even before completing fully-fledged schematic diagrams, thanks to the processing tools like Cable Synoptic or Components Management.

elecworksTM has been originally developed to do electrical CAD, it is dedicated to the design engineers professional use. So, to create schematic diagrams you use electrical lines and the symbols, when inserted or deleted, ensure the continuity of the lines. The I/O table is dynamically linked to the project equipments.

There is no learning curve, using elecworksTM is straightforward. You just drag and drop or use the smart tools designed to automate the schematic generation process. Smart Help and contextual menus will help the user whatever the command. elecworksTM allows users to create not only small projects but also lets an entire team to collaborate on large scale projects.

About Trace Software

Trace Software provides design and management software solutions since 1989 for the industrial automation and power distribution markets. Partner to SolidWorks and Autodesk, Trace Software is present worldwide and market its product range through its subsidiaries and distribution channel. Its subsidiary TraceParts is a world expert in 3D engineering content and develops and markets software solutions for CAD parts libraries, electronic catalogs and product configurations.

More information available at: and


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